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​At Duality, we develop a strong appreciation for your body and all of its ability. We believe everyone has a sensual side and we're here to provide you with a safe space for you to explore that side, in your own time. No matter what your experience is, we welcome you. Are you ready to meet your Duality?

Pleased to have piqued your interest, let us acquaint you with your shadow side...


the class

All of our classes are structured to build strength, technique and confidence. At the end of the class, we're determined to make sure that you're feeling yourself. Satisfied, full of endorphins and proud of your ability. 

Our classes are 50 minutes and run for 8 weeks. Each class is started with a warm up focused on conditioning and safe practice. For levelled classes, this is followed by the skills (or tricks!) portion of the class, and finished with a choreographed routine. For tricks classes, the rest of the class focuses on different skills dependant on the level. For choreography classes, the rest of the class is focused on learning choreography.


We pride ourself on having an incredibly inclusive environment and a very personal experience. We have a strong focus on technique, dance and finesse. If you're looking for a new studio to call home, we'd love to organise a level assessment and welcome you to our community. 


Our seasons are 8 weeks long because we've carefully curated a curriculum which has you building strength progressively, learning choreography and increasing body awareness. For this reason, we only allow sign ups to the full season rather than a casual base. However, we offer paid casual classes for our levelled classes in week 1 and 2 of our season should we have room in the class for you to try and get a feel for who we are and what we do! If you're wanting to try one of our non-routine based classes (Kiki, Dance, Tricks) you're most welcome to come along at any point in the season.  

If you're wondering if we offer a free trial, we do not... and for a few reasons you'll find below.

We love this glorious industry of pole dancing, but unfortunately it's highly unregulated. At Duality, we've trained many years and experienced many situations to ensure we give you the best experience the second you walk into our doors - from our facilities, our routines and our instructors all the way through to the language we use. We also believe it is of prime importance that we show the instructors and staff of Duality respect through proper renumeration for their time. This ensures you get the best, most well rounded and safe experience


looking for the right level?

We're always happy to have a chat about what level you might be best suited to. Check out or page here which shows you pre-requisites, as well as a sample routine from the season. 

If you're still confused, send us an email at, give us a call or hit us up on instagram @dualitypole and we'll let you know where we think you might sit within our levels! 

Why choose duality?

  • World class facilities - see our studios here - but in short... at least 2m between poles, mirror lined studios with all poles in view of the teacher, cooling and heating, gender neutral bathroom and change room facilities, state of the art lighting.

  • In depth instructor training spanning across different ways of learning, teaching for different body types and feedback.

  • We champion everyone - no gender, age, body type or experience is perfect for pole. We ensure there's no 'clicky' groups at Duality. We'll introduce you to new friends and ensure you feel seen and valued no matter whether it's your first or five hundredth class with us. 

  • We love a well rounded approach. Our classes will challenge your body and brain, but be some of the most fun you've ever had. 

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