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the duality code
a very important guide on being a good human within our space

We are firm believers in working out to feel good within your own body. We're actively against weight goal focused activity. You'll never hear us say 'go get a pizza, you deserve it' after class. Your body needs fuel to function, and fitness should serve as a celebration of your body's ability, not a punishment or reward system.

We ask that you refrain from speaking about weight related goals for exercise within the space, as it can be triggering for some people.


The founders and community of Duality acknowledges the traditional owners of the land in which we dance on. We acknowledge the Gadigal of the Eora Nation, the traditional custodians of this land and pay our respects to the Elders both past and present. Australia always was, and always will be Aboriginal land. We dance on stolen land. 


At Duality, your body, your skin, your preferences, your occupation or your gender does not define you. We actively stand against discrimination within our community, and expect our clients to do the same. For those in minority communities; we support you. For those who aren’t, actively be an ally. Any offensive behaviour will not be tolerated. 


Duality provides a place of solace from the outside world. We encourage you to use your phone to film your progress and routines - but messaging, emailing and calling is a no go, because it pulls you out of your moment. Prioritise you; the email can wait and will absolutely be waiting for you upon completion of your class. 

Our instructors have trained for many years in not only the art of dance, but also instruction. We ask that you respect this and do not talk over them or teach other students in your class. It is deemed disruptive and disrespectful, no matter what your intentions.

Classes start on time and once warm up starts, we’re unable to allow you to join the class for your own safety and also to prevent interruption to the class. 


We are located on Level 1 of 88 Kippax St, Surry Hills. Head through the double doors where you'll be met with a small flight of stairs. Look to your right, you'll see a corridor. Head through that corridor and you'll find our VERY recognisable steps. Take a snap, it's a moment. The ground and Level 1 doors will unlock 15 minutes before your class and lock 1 minute after your class start time. We have gender neutral bathroom facilities including shower available to you, as well as 2 curtained quick-change rooms. 

If you arrive  late, you'll need to download the KISI app to unlock the doors. You'll have permission to access from 5:15pm weeknights. Watch this video to learn more and you'll receive an access email with a link to download separately.


The health and safety of our instructors and community is of key importance to us. Many people in our community have low immunity or are at high risk if they are to become sick, so we ask that you stay at home if you’re feeling any way unwell. You can make up the class when you’re feeling 100%. If you do arrive visibly sick or sporting a high temperature, you will kindly be asked to leave and rest up at home. 


If you find yourself whisking off on a romantic getaway, or in a less sexy scenario like being stuck at work - let us know within 4 hours of your class and you’ll be granted a catch up session for the missed class. This catch up session is available for you to redeem within the 8 week term you’ve booked into. If you do not show up for your allocated catch up class, you will forfeit the credit. 

If you've booked a casual class or Kiki, you have to cancel within 4 hours to receive your credit back.


Our instructors love making personal connections with you, but please also respect that they need time out too!

Feel free to message them on their social media, but don’t message them about class requests or questions to their personal accounts, and be mindful that they may not respond immediately. They could be with family, working, on a date.... (let's hope it's the latter!)

Living in a 24 hour society, it’s hard to not expect a response straight away, but know we’ll get back to you asap! 

WR5_0591 copy.jpg

We love being clean, smelling great and feeling amazing. We clean our studio and bathrooms daily. We ask that you wipe down your apparatus before starting and after your class. We also ask that, for the comfort of everyone around, you keep personal hygiene in mind (we have deodorant and baby wipes available should you need some).


We love a good instagram post and think filming is a fantastic way to measure progress, but please be aware that there are many other people in the class who may not want to be filmed and could be in the background of your video.

Out of respect, make sure you check with all of the people around you prior to pressing record to make sure everyone feels comfortable. Our instructors will always call out when it's time to film, so if you don't want to be filmed, you can speak up. 

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