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Wondering which level you should join? If you've danced on our apparatus before, read our class descriptions below to find where you fit. If not, peruse our 'new student' guide.

Need a level assessment? Email us to organise a time.



Learn to spin, turn and fly in our beginners pole dancing course. It’s here where you’ll learn basic grips, a few variations of spins on the pole, floor work and choreography, all designed to build strength and tap into your sensuality. 

If you have never pole danced before (not including that one time you found a pole in a club, or a tipsy moment on city rail)  this is your perfect starting point.



Have you completed Level 1 with a burning desire for more? Or is that just the burn between your thighs?

Either way, Level 2 is here to fuel the fire and turn your world upside down (literally). That’s right, in this routine based class you will learn how to invert, combine spins and work on those body rolls you’ve been hoping no one noticed on your commute home. 

Prerequisites: Front Hook Spin (Vaness), Back Hook Spin (Back Vanessa), Kate Moss, Climb, Jamilla, Sit



You'll know it's time to level up to level 3 when you're reaching zen like status when you're upside down. Level 3 will have you hanging from a single limb, holding on with the (no longer) precious skin of your thighs and spinning faster than that cup ride at your local fair, without the threat of the freaky carnie watching on. 

Get ready for challenging choreography, challenging moves, and too much fun.

Prerequisites: Invert, Lock On (Bat), Handstands with chest on pole (stag and open leg).



Why is the floor lava? Well, in level 4, you'll be learning long form combinations filled with tricky, mind (and body) bending moves. You'll be inverting in all of the ways, using transitions to connect moves and putting it all into a heart-pumping routine. Did we just describe sky diving? Feels like it, literally. 


Prerequisites: Invert from Climb, Outside Leg Hang, Layback.

Sample Routine


If you’ve been sweating it out in Level 4, snaps for you! But if you’re in a right leg hang and checking your manicure, it might be time to step that pussy up! 

Learn a myriad of new tricks and fancy ways to get upside down that are both challenging and hilarious to manoeuvre. 

Sound like a lot of tricks? Well, it is, but we wouldn’t just leave you hanging (pun intended). You’ll still be dancing it out in a routine, true Duality style. 

Prerequisites: Shoulder Mount, Inside Leg Hang, Pike, Venus (Butterfly), Starfish to Nosedive, Superman, Worm

Sample Routine


Want to take a walk on the wild side? Well, the wild wild west has met its match with level 6. Our most elite level, yet there's no limit to this class. One thing that is sure? You'll be hand standing. A lot. 

Inspired by the newest tricks to hit the industry with a focus on artistry and perfecting movement, you'll be ready for Miss Pole Dance in no time. 

Prerequisites: Twisted Grip Static V (Ayesha), Extended Butterfly from Jamilla (DVD Cover), Allegra Variations, Switcheroo.

Sample Routine

tricks CLASSES

23 tricks

If you're needing some extra focus on your foundational moves like your inverts, laybacks, handstands and spins around the base of the pole, this is the perfect level for you! With no routine, there's extra time to really focus on the technique of the moves to help you nail them every time. 

4 tricks

Let's face it... level 4 is really hard. If you're wanting a little bit of extra TLC for moves like your outside to inside leg hang, inverts from the top, shoulder mounts, butterflies, supermen, starfish nosedive and ballerinas. 

56 foundations

Are you in level 5 and 6 and wanting to focus more on your static vs from every entry, extended butterfly from jamilla, shoulder mounts, and your inside leg hand positions to best transition into your next move? 

This level focuses on repetition and ensuring you're in the right position for success every time! 

high tricks

Have you seen something gorgeous on instagram? Are you an advanced pole dancer? With no routine, this class is known to practice deadlifts, Bird Of Paradise, Eagles, Satellite, Janero, Hunter Press... the list is never ending.


Need help nailing your invert? Maybe your lock on or your handstand? That pesky jamilla testing your patience?  You're in luck - this class zeros in on all of the tips and tricks to have you nailing these moves every time.

3 tricks

Work on your outside leg hangs, inverts from up the pole and laybacks without the stress of the routine chasing you! You'll break down all of these movements into obtainable bites for a solid foundation.


Are you a level 3 repeater or above? Do you need help nailing moves ready for transitions? You'll learn the right place to place your body to prep it for the next spot - and how to make it look good. Because technique NEVER goes out of style, and transitioning in and out of moves is an art in itself.

int spins

Hate inverting but love the pole? Enter intermediate spins, where you'll be floating around the pole in complicated spins without the need to invert. We love. 

speciality CLASSES

CHAIR/Chair virgin

Want to be able to grace the aisles of IKEA and whip out a sexy chair routine? No? That's just us? 

Whatever your motivation, in this course you'll learn the art of chair and lap dancing - focusing on confidence, tease and dance technique, so you can whip those moves out wherever your heart desires. 

New to chair or below level 3? Join us for chair virgin! 


It's getting hot in here... well, we all know the next line. Want to learn how to flow around the pole with an effortless ease? Strip incorporates the sexiest choreography and a little reveal (or two), cleverly using the pole and the floor to build a sense of intrigue. Because nothing builds confidence like knowing you can take anything off effortlessly... Strip is perfect for anyone level 3 and above, and Strip Virgin is for anyone from brand new to level 3.


Now don’t get it twisted (that will come later), you may think this class to be more ‘grounded’ and easygoing compared to your pole class, but floorwork is no easy feat by any stretch (if you’re not loving our puns you’ll learn to).

In this class you will learn rolls, flips and holds to impress your friends the next time you’re four cocktails deep. You will also complete a routine choreographed by Duality founders Mimi and Chloe, experts in sensual floor movement. Now do as JLo says and “Get on the floor!” 


Do you miss choreographing a fun routine with your friends to perform on the club floor when the DJ plays your favourite song? Well, dance is for you. In dance, you'll learn a different routine every week. You'll sweat, you'll laugh, you probably won't cry (we hope, unless the song calls for it...) and you'll be surrounded by those friends you'd hit the dance floor with. If we were so inclined we'd #goodvibesonly, but we're not, so forget that's there and be left with the sentiment... 


Keen to try your hand at static pole? This class follows a seductive routine and will work on drills to create the illusion of effortlessly flowing around the pole. Key word here is illusion; this is not as easy as we make it look, so we recommend this class to people in Level 3 and above. 


May we take you back to 2010, you're carving out the dance floor and sweating up a storm in your favourite club. Fun, right? Well that's our signature class, Kiki, which has been specially developed by co-founder, Mimi.

With a focus on both conditioning and flexibility, you'll work those gorgeous muscles of yours before stretching it out, working towards full body flexibility.


Do you want to learn how to present your arse on a platter like the delicious snack we know you are? You may not be a virgin in the typical sense of the word, but Floor Virgin is the class for you! You'll be introduced to some floor tricks and transitions around the base of the pole while working on a routine over the season.

Perfect for absolute beginners.


We see you looking! This is for our babes who are doing dance for the first time... it's a lil slower, and we'll treat you extra kind. Work on all of your funky hand grips, diamond turns and transitions all wound up in a gorgeous new routine every week,  without the pressure of a fast moving routine.


Love the idea of performing a sexy routine to someone sitting in a chair? Enter tease, there to seduce and delight. With no pole involved, you'll learn a full lap dance routine to take, well, wherever you want to go. 


What do you get when chair and pole have a lil baby? Not to be confused with the person teaching the class, Chloe (confusing, we know), Chole is a hybrid class where you use both apparatus in a very sensual routine. Perfect for level 3 +. 

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