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​At Duality, we develop a strong appreciation for your body and all of its ability. We believe everyone has a sensual side and we're here to provide you with a safe space for you to explore that side, in your own time. No matter what your experience is, we welcome you. Are you ready to meet your Duality?

Pleased to have piqued your interest, let us acquaint you with your shadow side...


the class

All of our classes are structured to build strength, technique and confidence. At the end of the class, we're determined to make sure that you're feeling yourself. Satisfied, full of endorphins and proud of your ability. 


If you haven’t tried this kind of dance before, the best place to start at ground (that's Level 1), because a strong foundation is paramount for future technique. In these classes, you will learn grips, dance technique and tricks required for a basic understanding of the art form.


Our classes are 50 minutes and run for 8 weeks. Each class is started with a warm up focused on conditioning and safe practice. This is followed by the skills (or tricks!) portion of the class, and finished with a choreographed routine. 


By the end of 8 weeks, you'll will have met a group of fabulous new friends, have a transformed view of your body and just how much it can achieve, and will have learnt a kick-ass routine that you'll want flaunt on any (cough every) dance floor. 


Our seasons are 8 weeks long because we've carefully curated a curriculum which has you building strength progressively, learning choreography and increasing body awareness. For this reason, we only allow sign ups to the full season rather than a casual base. However, we offer paid trial classes in week 1 and 2 of our season should we have room in the class for you to try before you commit if you're feeling a little apprehensive! They're $35 - and should you book in for the rest of the season, we'll take that amount off your invoice.

If you're wondering if we offer a free trial, we do not... and for a few reasons you'll find below.

We love this glorious industry of pole dancing, but unfortunately it's highly unregulated. At Duality, we've trained many years and experienced many situations to ensure we give you the best experience the second you walk into our doors - from our facilities, our routines and our instructors all the way through to the language we use. We also believe it is of prime importance that we show the instructors and staff of Duality respect through proper renumeration for their time. This ensures you get the best, most well rounded and safe experience. Pole dancing is hard, and a little dangerous, but you can trust you're in good hands.



level 1

Never tried pole dancing? This class is for you! And no, a tipsy moment on city rail doesn't count. 

Learn fundamental grips and tricks designed to build strength specific for pole dancing. 

You'll also learn dance technique to tap into your sensuality and be taught choreography at a steady pace. By the end of 8 weeks, you'll be able to dance a full 3 minute routine! 


We recommend at least one Level 1 class per week for those with zero experience. Keen for more? You can enroll into multiple Level 1 classes a week, add a Kiki, Chair or any of our Virgin classes. 


Want to learn the art of seduction alongside the art of pole? Enter strip virgin, a steamy class which will have you learning fun spins around the base of the pole, floorwork and choreography all while taking off a piece of clothing. 

By the end of the season, you will have learnt a full routine of intricate choreography - focusing on a mood, gaze and technique. No experience is required for this class, but we do recommend pairing it with level 1. 


May we take you back to 2010, you're carving out the dance floor and sweating up a storm in your favourite club. Fun, right? Well that's our signature class, Kiki, which has been specially developed by co-founder, Mimi.


With a focus on both conditioning and flexibility, we'll dive into 50 minutes of sweat. You'll work those gorgeous muscles of yours with a series of targeted exercises on the mat, before actively stretching it out, working towards full body flexibility.

floor virgin

This class requires zero pole experience and is our entry level floor class. Learn how to present your arse on a platter like the delicious snack you are, amongst other floor tricks and transitions around the base of the pole. This is a choreography class and incorporates these moves into a routine taught over 8 weeks.

Recommended for those in Levels 1 - 3. More experienced with floor tricks? Check out our Floor class.

Duality2.0_2023_Walker_65 (1).jpg
chair virgin

Want to be able to grace the aisles of IKEA and whip out a sexy chair routine? No? That's just us? 

Whatever your motivation, in this course you'll learn the art of chair and lap dancing - focusing on confidence, tease and dance technique, so you can whip those moves out wherever your heart desires.

No pole or dance experience is required.

dance virgin

Shake that load off! This feel-good class is a different routine every week and focuses on dancing around the pole, incorporating floor dance without the pressure of any strenuous tricks! Perfect for anyone that wants to improve their dance technique, hone their style or just looking for a fun class to relieve the stresses of the week!

No pole experience is required, but if this is your first foray into pole dancing, we recommend pairing it with our Level 1 class. 

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