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  1. Make a profile for yourself. Put in all your details so we can stand outside of your window at midnight, with a boombox, proclaiming our undying love for you.

  2. Sign up, and boom, you’re our client! Awesome. Welcome to the coolest club around.

  3. You’ll be redirected to a dashboard which says ‘enrolments - available now’. Click that cute button and get ready to add your classes! 

  4. You’ll see a list of classes. You’ll see the level, time and day, teacher and enrol button. Find the classes you want and click ‘add to enrolment list’

  5. Once you’ve added all of your classes, scroll to the bottom (or back to the top) and press ‘confirm’.

  6. If you’ve booked into more than one class, your discount will not appear here. Never fear. This is reflective on your invoice. 

  7. You’re in! We’ll then send you an email with an invoice attached. This is where you’ll see your final amount. On this invoice, you’ll see that you can transfer via bank transfer, or pay via credit card.

  8. If you pay via bank transfer, please transfer either half of the amount, or the full amount and screenshot your payment. Reply to the email with this screenshot so we can mark your payment off. If you want to pay via credit card, select the pay now button and you’ll be sent to a payment page. You can select to pay a third, half, or full payment here. 

  9. If you haven’t paid within 24 hours, we’ll follow you up and if no payment is made in 48 hours, you’ll be withdrawn from the class. 

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