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Timetable looking a little different? Our beloved Rhapsody studio is in need of some TLC due to repeat floods. We're not talking a relaxing spa day - she's going under the knife for the full kit and caboodle! As much as we would have loved to delay this work, this is beyond our control now. We appreciate that change can feel uncomfortable and can assure you that classes will follow the same structure and still bring you the big Duality vibes! So, get ready because next season we are going to steam up The Box! 


We're bringing you 4-fun-filled-weeks of classes to shake up your routine, hone your style, technique and maybe finally master that nemesis trick! Our levelled classes will be tricks only and you can look to our supplementary classes for your dance fix; we've made sure there are plenty! This could also be a great time to try something new, with a little less commitment.

29 may, 2024

24 june, 2024
4 week season!!
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